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The Gateway Coach Programme is available to anyone with an interest in golf coaching, regardless of background or golfing ability.

With this coaching qualification, you will gain an understanding of who you are coaching as well as receiving an insight on how to coach.
The programme consists of two levels.
Level one is designed to be an introduction to coaching and will provide you with all the knowledge and competence required in delivering a high quality session to 'explorer' golfers. On completion the coach will be able to plan and implement a coaching session including all the relevant coaching points for those new to the game.
Level two builds on the knowledge from level one, looking deeper into the learning styles and skill development of your participants as well as providing an introduction to the ball flight laws and video tools. Ultimately it provides you with the skills to coach the 'learner' golfer.
The Gateway programme wants you to feel connected and part of the PGA family.
With this in mind we advise linking in with a local PGA Professional who will guide you on your coaching journey.   

Gateway One

Ready to begin your coaching journey?
Gateway One is here to provide you the tools you need to do just that.
Gateway One includes:
  • Swing Skills 
  • Coaching Game Skills
  • Coaching Values
  • Communication
  • Observe and Review
  • Resources
  • Workshop
  • Post Workshop Reflection
Price $200 +$115 annual membership fee 

Gateway Two

Mastered the Gateway One modules and ready to delve deeper?
Gateway two is the way to go.
With a workshop to accompany each module in this part of the programme, you will have access to a multitude of knowledge.
Gateway two includes :

  • Developing Swing and game skills
  • Developing Youth Coaching
  • Introducing Coaching Preferences
  • Introducing Video analysis
  • Introducing Skill Acquisition
  • Workshops for each module

Price $ 600.00 + $350 annual membership fee

For more information of to get involved please contact or call 02102292077